Why tea?


Tea is a universal thing really, 

i mean just like coffee, everyone drinks it, 

Could be on a hot day or on a warm chilling afternoon where the skies are clouded and the wind is howling, 

Okay, maybe not but you get my point!

So who are we and which did we choose to write about tea instead of other stuff? 

For  starters, we are both best friends who adore drinking tea, we love the smell and the body of it and tea generally makes us happy!

Especially paired up with yummy biscuit, scones even muffins and of course a great book!

we choose to write about tea because we just simply love tea and would love to share it out there with everyone, i mean that’s the point of having a word-press, to share it with everyone and hopefully get feedback and recommendation on where to get the best tea so in a way, its like a 2 way communication! 

and no, we are not only going to do review about just tea leaves and all, we might also do about cafe, bubble tea ( in defence, they are made of tea too, well partly ) , book reviews, food pairing and anything fascinating really because if we were going to blog about tea all day long, you guys are going to get bored and we will eventually get tired too so we shall mix it up and it is totally a win win situation for everyone

so yay us!

anyway till here our rants shall go and have a great tea time everyone!